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With the animation program VibShape you will ”understand” how a machine vibrates and what measures should be taken. With the manual input the program is suitable for all instruments that can measure vibration and angle .


The SpectraLiveServer is the main monitoring program for the VM110. The program acts as a master, the VM110 units as slaves. SpectraLive is license free and included with each VM110 unit. The program can send data to a SpectraPro database (an optional analysis program).

SpectraPro (X)

The balancing machine is a dynamic soft bearing machine with a horizontal axis. An AC motor, with variable speed, drives the balancing machine through a belt drive system. The BM150 Balancing Machine can be used for rotor weight up to 150 kg.

X-Trend - firmware for X-Viber

This software is license free and mainly dedicated to work in conjunction with the X-Viber instrument. One of the purposes of using this program is to supply the maintenance team with a daily report regarding the maintenance to keep the machinery in good working condition.